Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week of Celebration

Last week we had a blast.  Not only was it the first week for the teens to be in the new house it was the week of the festival to celebrate the amazon culture.  It was combined with Independence Day (July 20) and included a nightly celebration in the part with many performances even by the Batuta orchestra that includes many of the kids from La Aljaba.  There were also 2 parades.  One to celebrate the culture and another one on the 20th that was a military parade.  I noticed that almost every home had a flag out to show their pride in Colombia.  This was wonderful for me to see.  It was fun for all, although standing for a parade that lasted 2.5 hours in the sun was a bit much for me.  I posted pictures for you to see  the fun. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To make you laugh!

I thank you all for your prayers for me, specifically for the prayers for me to pick up the language more rapidly. I am coming along in it day by day.  I do have to share a couple of stories with you.  The people down here are still laughing at me.

The other night I was taking prayer requests from the teens here and Marlon asked for prayer for karate.  At least that is what I thought he said.  I responded that I didn't know he was interested in that, I could arrange that for him.  I got excited because this was new for me in that I had NO CLUE he was interested and it was something so simple that I could help set up.  He said no and repeated the word.  I agreed, saying I understood what he was saying.  Someone else repeated the word and I again assured them that I knew what he was saying.  I began to tell him how I could make it happen.  He finally laughed and smacked his head with his hand.  They finally helped me to understand that he was not saying karate, but "caracter" which sounds JUST LIKE karate.  He was asking for God to change his character not to participate in karate.  I was blown away and laughing all at the same time. 

Next, I was in church and the preacher repeatedly asked the people to repeat what he was saying.  I understood what he was saying but it takes a little more thought for me to be able to repeat it back with the right words, so I looked at the person beside me and said también and every time he asked us to repeat, I said también,   Which means also or me too.  The person beside me got so tickled, I thought she was going to pee in her pants.  So now whenever I don't understand what someone is saying, I say it again and they just end up laughing at me.  Everyday is an adventure in laughter and fun! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cats, Cows, and Birds, OH my!

Well life has been much different around here without most of the kids around.  The pace is much slower.  We are preparing the temporary property (Casa La Aljaba) for the kids to move into so I have been spending a good amount of time at the house by myself waiting on electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and technicians to show up.

Don't worried, I have not been bored at all, I have had much paperwork to keep me busy.  I set up a 'desk' on the first floor of the building looking out the front gate and that has provided a good amount of entertainment.

In this week, I have seen several things that you would not see in the United States.  First, a cat has started hanging out at the house.  It is always there laying around in the garden or by the front door.  I know this is not unusual, but have you ever seen a cat jump up in your neighbors window and eat from the plate that had been left there.  I have no idea what was on that plate, but the cat loved it and at for about 15 minutes before being pushed out of the window.  The neighbor was nice though she intentionally dropped food on the ground for the cat to finish off.

I admit that is something you could see in US, but listen to this!  I was working hard downstairs but needed to run up and get something out of my room.  I had left the door of the apartment open for easy access since I was the only one there at the time.  I ran into the room and was hit in the face as soon as I entered.  Somehow a humming bird had gotten into my room and kept trying to get out of the windows.  I ran and opened the door that leads out to the balcony so that it could fly out.  I went back to my room and tried hard to encourage the bird to fly out of the room.  I tried for a good 15 to 20 minutes with no success.  It kept flapping its wings and then landing on my curtains, so I finally took the curtain and threw it over the bird and quickly grabbed it.  It was not happy and let it be know with its screeching.  I quickly carried it out and let it go.

I know what you are say..."I've had that happen before, Angie!", but just wait!  Yesterday I was sitting at the desk typing and waiting for the electrician to get finished, I heard something that sounded like a cow, but surely not.  I looked up and saw a herd of longhorn cattle walking by the front gate.  My mouth just dropped as it was something that I never expected to see.   One even walked on the sidewalk beside the wall and I guess to make the point he had every right to be there, he used the bathroom on the front door step.  Now tell me you have seen that while sitting in your den!