Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorry so long...

I had not meant for it to be so long before you saw another post from me, but, you know things happen!
My computer was broken.  One of the boys hopped up in my lap to hug me and my computer went crashing to the floor.  So I am using Lucy´s.  Shhhh, don´t tell her.  No she has been wonderful at sharing hers with me until, I have my situation resolved. 

Well, you read this, hopefully, to find out what God is doing here in Leticia, so I will try and sum up the past 2 and a half weeks for you.

WOW! and WOW again!

Things have been moving quickly here, yet I have only been in Leticia 3 weeks today.  Seems like longer doesn´t it.  I have fallen completely in love with ALL of the children and my heart aches for their city.  I see God at work here in so many ways.  I know that there is spiritual warfare going on everywhere, but perhaps I see it more here because I am focused on it more, but there is an intense battle for these children and for this city.

There has been a conference on sexual abuse going on over these couple of weeks and I have learned how many parents will sell their daughters for money or material things.  It sickens my stomach and breaks my heart to learn about this cultural practice that comes out of the fear of poverty.  One of the young men who have been at La Aljaga had a younger sister that was sold permanently to an older man as his wife.   I am thankful that La Aljaba exists as a safe harbor. 

There is a good deal of mythological beliefs and demon worship that seems to be present.  I have never been aware of it before, but God has opened my eyes to it.  My prayer is for this city to not be drawn into this darkness. 

I have been attending a church that is really a new congregation, but it is growing quickly.  Pastor Julio is a wonderful man of God who is seeking to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Leticia.  He works tirelessly and joyfully in sharing Christ with everyone.  Also the worship is full of the Holy Spirit (Espiritu Santo).

I am very excited that this weekend Wayne is coming with Doug Enoch, an architect in TN who will be doing the drawings for the new building.  God is working on the project and I am excited to have a front row seat to see it come together.  Then 5 days later, the Crossroads Team will be coming to Leticia!  I can´t wait to see my family again.  The kids here are joining me in praying for this team as they prepare to come.  My prayer for them is that everything that is on God´s agenda for the week is accomplished and nothing less.

Please join me in praying for Leticia and the people here.  Pray for them to see worth in themselves.  There is much depression and poverty and hopelessness here and God has an answer to them.  I pray that they come to know that answer.  


Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

The past 24 hours have been really great for me.  I have seen the love, creativity, protection, and provision of my God.  He is so wonderful!

Last evening, I had the privilege of watching most of the children of La Aljaba participate in a music concert.  They played several different instruments and sang as well.  It was beautiful and made me cry.  I know, that does not take much, but it was beautiful!  I did get some video so hopefully I can share it soon.

This morning Lucy called me while I was in the shower and said that we were suppose to be at the river in 10 minutes.  I hurried to get ready and ran out without my camera.  I asked her what we would be doing, and she responded with "We are going to see the river."  , but she also suggested that I put on shoes.  I had on flip flops.  That should have given me some idea of what she had in mind. 

We drove down to the river, and I saw for the first time how vast the flooding was.  It had crested the bank of the port and had risen up the street. We waked along planks to get to the port and the boat house that we docked from.  There we met George from New Life Ministries.  We went along the river for many miles and then drove into the jungle, we boated about a mile into the jungle and then came to an "island" that was being cleared for a farm.

We spent the next 3 hours hiking around in the jungle.  It was wonderful.  We even came across cattle, yes, cows in the middle of the rain forest.  Who would have thought?  During our hike, it began to storm, but it was even beautiful then.  You should have seen me slip and fall down the side of a hill.  I was laughing so hard, I could hardly get up. 

The natives to the island were gracious with their food and shared something that looked like hot chocolate,  but it was a plant that hand been reduced to a liquid form.  We added ground yucca and ate.  It was surprisingly sweet.  Lucy said it was a staple for the indigenous people. 

While I was sitting down eating, I noticed that there were many small drops of blood on my legs.  I had become a feast for the mosquitos.  My deet is packed in the luggage that has not yet reached me.  On the way back to Leticia, the thunderstorm continued and we were soaked all the way through!  It was a wonderful adventure!

I got to know George a little more after returning to Leticia and I realized that he shares the same view of the Kingdom as I do, and his ministry is to the villages along the river.  He has been here as a missionary for 17 years.  I am sure that I will learn a lot from him, while I am here.

After I showered and changed clothes Lucy and I travelled to Tabatinga, Brazil where we picked up my new bed.  It was custom made for me by a craftsman there.  I am so please with it and I feel so very blessed.  I will receive my mattress tomorrow and hopefully the rest of my luggage.  I thank each of you who have supported me, you are making all of this possible.  More to come soon...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I was met with a wonderful surprise here in Bogota last night.  Lucy met me here.  I have never been so glad to see someone in my life.  I walked out of the airport into a sea of faces and her's just brightened my night.  It was so very difficult yesterday to get away, but the day was filled with excitement and joy.  Lucy and I stayed at her daughter, Maribell, and her son Juan.  I slept about 8 hours last night, I was more than ready to go today when Lucy suggested we go to the market.  That was a new, but fun experience for me.  So many fresh fruits that I have never even heard of before.  Now Lucy and I are sitting at the airport waiting to fly back to Leticia, oh what a great day. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wow!  This has been an incredible week.  I have returned "home" and have not stopped since the plane landed.  In the 7 days that I have been here, I have slept in 6 different places, and God has been so good through all of it. 

For those of you who have been praying for a good home for my cat, Safie, you may check this off of your prayer list.  She will be staying with my "Aunt Jean".   I have known Jean since I was 7 years old.  She is a former foster parent and now she gets the chance to foster my "baby".  I got to visit both of them this week and things seem to be doing well and they are good companions for each other.

I also got to see my grandmother this week.  It was wonderful to get to see her and share a couple of days with her.  It was very difficult to say good-bye to her.  She is 95 years old and I do not know if I will see her again so it was hard for both of us when I left.

On a much happier note, I have wonderful friends who have been such a big help to me.  I have to thank  Anthony West, Rob Neely, and Kevin Blackburn for helping me to learn how to upload videos to the Internet.  Thank you guys for your patience with me, and watch out for the videos to come.

It has been really to get around to everyone this week to share my "see you laters", so if I have not had time to see you and say good-bye come by and see me this Sunday at Crossroads Church (220 George W. Liles Parkway, Concord, NC).  The church family will pray over me in each of the 3 services (8:30, 9:45, and 11:11). 

Finally I will fly out of the airport in Charlotte on Monday at 1:45 pm.   I will leave the church at 11:00am, so come and see me off if you like.