Sunday, September 16, 2012

A three hour tour...

Hello, it is Ginger here...

If you don't get that joke, you are way too young.  Ask your parents to explain it to you.  This past Monday I went with Arles and Manuel to visit Marasha.  It is the site of our camp for the teenagers this October.  BTW, it looks awesome and I covet your prayers for the camp.  I know that God has incredible things planned for these teens and I want all of us to cover the camp, the staff, the teens, and the team coming from Concord with much prayer.

Anyway, back to the song...ugh well I mean the story.  David, with Amazon Expeditions, graciously agreed to take us to Marasha on Monday.  He has a small aluminum boat that was perfect for the 4 of us.  The only problem was that the river was not agreeable on this trip.  When we were dropped off at the port we had to walk about a mile down river on the river bed in order to get to the water and David's boat.  The river is down a lot as this is the dry season.  Finally we get the boat and we were off.  We were flying along on the river well on our way to Marasha when all of a sudden I was in Manuel and Arles' laps on my knees.  It felt very much like we had hit a brick wall and I had been thrown from the back to the front.

Well, come to find out propellers do not do well when submerged in sand.  We had come across a sandbar without knowing it.  David quickly jumped out of the boat and we were in water that was just over ankle deep.  OH NO!  Stuck on the Amazon.  Well David worked hard to get us free and we finally were on our way again.

We continued on our way and just before we got to where we were going, we realized that it was impossible to get there the way we were going because the river was so low it had created a huge island that ran from side to side and we were not able to pass by at all.  Yeah!!!!!!!

We turned back around and carefully retraced out "steps" because we didn't want to get stuck again.  The island that we had been traveling beside ran the length of our journey on this day so we had to go back to the beginning and go around it.  Finally we made our turn and arrived at the boat dock for Marasha about 3 hours later than planned.   That's life in the Amazon!

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