Monday, October 22, 2012

I simply remember my favorite things...

I am sorry I have not posted in a while.  Yes, I am alive!  I am trying to be as transparent as possible on this blog, and life here has been a struggle lately, so I have not wanted to post about things that are discouraging.  So I asked God, what should I post about.  He answered by asking me what brings me joy in life.  I thought about it for a while and many different things started flooding my mind.  So here you go, these things remind me of who God is and why I am here.

1) Darwin's laugh - He has the funniest, nasally laugh I have ever heard.  I love it!  When I hear him laugh, I can't help but to laugh myself.  I can also picture God the Father doubled over laughing.

2) Kimberly's smile - Her smile brightens up the entire world, not just the room she is in.  She smiles with the brilliance and warmth of her Daddy in heaven.

3)  Lucy's expressions - I love to see Lucy's face when she is complimented or when she finds something confusing.  She has a sweetness in her that I love to see and I love it when she shares that with other people.

4)  Angela's greeting - When I am visiting the main house and Angela enters and see me there, she runs up to me and yells my name.  Always asking for a hug and for some attention.  She is just a little snuggle bunny.

5)  Marlon's hugs - He hugs with a real warmth and love for the person receiving the hug.  He reveals his heart towards you in his hugs.

6)  Aline's passion - She is passionate about everything!  Good or bad in her life, she lives it full of passion.

7) Carmen's sense of humor - Carmen is always full of laughter.  She continually picks on me and draws my attention away from stress and into laughter.  Her pet name for me is "yellow chicken".  This comes from me wearing a yellow shirt one day.

8)  Manuel's love - Whatever is going on around us, Manuel is the one person that always looks to include me in what is happening.  He is full of the warmth and love of Christ all of the time and demonstrates God's love and concern for me.

9) Jeison's passion for music - I love to listen to Jeison play his music and watch his face as he plays.  It is clear that God has placed that passion in him and it is fun to see it flow out.

10)  Robin's attempts at English - He clearly wants to learn the language and it is fun to listen to his broken English responding to my broken Spanish.

Well, I could go on and on about the little things that bring me joy, but for now, I will stop and save more for later.

Everybody together...I simply remember my favorite things...and then I don't feel so bad!  If you don't know that song...SHAME ON YOU!  :)

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  1. Praying for you this morning. Thank you for sharing your "favorite things" :) Will be asking Father to lead and guide you in the things that aren't on the list.....