Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Morning Ever!

God is just so wonderful!  I woke up and felt His love, He reminded me of His promise to me (Isaiah 60) and I enjoyed Him loving on me and then I headed for the main La Aljaba house.  As I was paying for my mototaxi I heard someone screaming my name.  I look up and Jeydi and Danna were running from the left corner toward me with their arms spread wide and huge smiles on their faces.  I swear I saw the light of God himself on Jeydi's face.  They ran into my arms and hugged me tight.  We entered the gate of La Aljaba together and I was greeted by 3 running from the playground to great me with their hugs (Philipe, Andres, and Nicole).  Then I looked up and two tutors are there greeting me with hugs (Nancy and Alixa) and then others came out to love me.  I guess God just wanted to me to make sure that I knew He loved me today.  Thanks Daddy!

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